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Business Transactions
Intellectual Property
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legal protection plan Affordable Access to
Your Attorney
on an As-needed Basis

  • Debt Collection
  • Consultations
  • Contract Drafting/Review
  • Employment Issues
  • Corporate Veil Protection
  • Government Compliance

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Why Incorporate or
Form an LLC for Your California Business?

  • Personal Asset Protection
  • Additional Credibility
  • Tax Flexibility & Savings
  • Deductable Expenses

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Annual Corporate Minutes Preparation

Are your personal assets At-Risk?
Failure to maintain documentation, known as your corporate formalities, could make YOU personally liable for any actions taken by your corporation?

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Legal Risk Assessment for Your Business

To help provide you peace of mind, we offer a FREE 75-Point Legal "ON-TRAK REVIEW"

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  • Protect your name and logo
  • Prevent damage to your brand and reputation
  • Adds value to your business

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Sale of Your Business

Ten crucial tips to help you
sell your business.

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Debt Relief and Insolvency

  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Avoid Unfair Collection Practices
  • Consolodate Debt
  • Avoid Lawsuits

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Our legal blog covers a wide variety of information
tailored to help small business owners succeed.

Editions of the BUSINESS LAW NAVIGATOR include:

Timely Alerts, Helpful Tips, New Laws, Summaries of new business legislation, Court Cases and Regulations, an Easy Search Function, In Depth Summaries of Today's Top Selling Business Books, Hilarious Lawyer Jokes and summaries of crazy lawsuits, Top Expert Contributions as well as Educational Videos.

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Through rendering sound legal counsel, we serve as an instrument of navigation to help our clients succeed.

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