Our Governing Principles

Personal and Long Term Commitment

Results-oriented, highly skilled attorneys place your interests foremost above all other considerations. Solutions yielding fewer billable hours are often recommended, reflecting our commitment to a long term relationship with our clients rather than a short term payday.

Responsiveness and Availability

Responsiveness to your needs and schedules is at the core of our client service. Our commitment is reflected in our firm’s “Immediate Response Time” policy where all client inquiries are responded to within 4 hours.

Preventative Outlook

Doing business in today’s economy requires that safeguards be in place for avoiding conflicts. Our up-front involvement in major business decisions and projects allows for early identification and minimization of potential problems.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

We provide our clients with the experience and quality of a large firm, but at significantly reduced fees offering several alternatives to the traditional hourly-based rate.

Partnering with Clients

We like to think of ourselves as not just a law firm but as an overall resource for our clients. We have worked hard to cultivate a first-rate network of skilled, value-added strategic partners who serve as a resource to whom we routinely refer our clients. Our strategic partners include banks, accountants, HR consultants, payroll, insurance brokers and financial planners.

Cost Effective Results

Often an attorney’s ability to assist clients is limited by the client’s budgetary constraints. Thus, cost-benefit analysis is done on all legal recommendations to ensure that the advice we render makes good economic, as well as legal, sense.

We work within your budget. [ click here to learn how ]