Is Your Business at Risk?

business risk assessmentWe’ve all heard about the woman who spilled scalding coffee on herself and successfully sued McDonald’s or heard reports of burglars suing homeowners after injuring themselves during a burglary. And don’t forget the story of the Winnebago owner who won a lawsuit after she left the driver’s seat because the cruise control was activated. Most of us laugh off these stories that show the absurdity of frivolous lawsuits. However, in our increasingly litigious society, the reality is that every business owner is walking through a mine field every day!

With ever-changing legislation and administrative regulations in today’s fast paced business environment (over 30,000 new laws and regulations enacted each year), many business owners neglect or delay implementing the necessary legal strategies for their companies, thereby unnecessarily exposing their businesses to risk.

To help provide you peace of mind, we offer
a FREE 75-Point Legal “ON-TRAK REVIEW”

We invite any business owner to spend an hour with us, at our office or over the phone, to evaluate and discuss such legal hot spots as:

  • Asset protection strategies (i.e., incorporating your business or forming an LLC)
  • Keeping your corporate veil intact (required formalities, annual minutes, etc.)
  • Implications arising from the death, disability or retirement of a partner or key person
  • Tightening up your business contracts to include state of the art language and protection
  • The pitfalls of hiring additional employees and misclassifying your workers as independent contractors instead of employees
  • Risk of competition from former employees or the loss of key customers or trade secrets
  • Strategies on buying or selling a business and how to avoid the common traps
  • Protecting Intellectual Property (e.g., nondisclosure agreements, trademarks, copyrights and trade secret agreements)
  • Pitfalls faced when bringing investors into your business (e.g., securities compliance and disclosure documents)
  • Financial stress arising from bad debts/inability to collect stale accounts receivables
  • Government compliance issues (i.e., industry and business licenses, DBA filings, worker’s compensation, etc.)
  • Lack of adequate types and amounts of business insurance

These are just a few of the 75 areas we will examine during the “ON-TRAK REVIEW”. At the conclusion of this assessment, we will prepare and present you with a customized SUMMARY OF FINDINGS that will reveal your specific vulnerabilities and provide you with a prioritized action plan for quickly remedying any problem areas.

To schedule an “ON-TRAK REVIEW” please call us at (949) 453-7979 or send a message through our contact us page.

Our firm’s up-front involvement in the business decisions of our clients allows for the early identification and minimization of potential problems. Through implementing our recommended strategies, our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly decisions and litigation!