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How Incorporating in California helps you?

Regardless of their size, all businesses can receive the following benefits from incorporating in California:

  • Personal asset protection. Year after year newspaper and television headlines recap countless stories of business owners who have lost everything due to personal liability in running unincorporated businesses. In a properly structured and managed California LLC or corporation, owners are allowed to separate and protect their personal assets from liability for business debts and obligations.
  • Additional credibility. Adding "Inc." or "LLC." to your business name can add instant authority as consumers, vendors alike prefer to do business with an incorporated company.
  • Name protection. By incorporating in California, in most states, other businesses may not file your exact corporate name in their state.
  • Perpetual existence. When you incorporate in California, California Corporations continue to exist, even if ownership or management changes whereas sole proprietorships and partnerships terminate when an owner dies or leaves the business.
  • Tax flexibility. By incorporating in California, a corporation can avoid double taxation of corporate profits and dividends (e.g., corporate tax and personal tax by shareholders) by electing Subchapter S tax status.
  • Deductible expenses. Corporations incorporated in California may deduct normal business expenses, like salaries, before allocating income to owners.

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Why hire Lighthouse Legal Services to form your California LLC or Incorporation?

Did you know that the typical online mass marketed incorporation service often states they "do not render legal advice"? Read their disclaimers and know what you are NOT getting. When you retain Lighthouse Legal Services, your unique business needs will be reviewed carefully by an experienced attorney. Learning your specific challenges during our pre-incorporation telephone consultation allows us to offer insight that yields the best possible solution. We estimate that almost one-half of all corporations are not properly set up, thereby exposing the business owners, officers and directors to personal liability risks. The success of your business is worth the protection and benefits that a well planned incorporation provides.

Compare the benefits of
Lighthouse Legal Services
versus popular online services or
do-it-yourself kits:


Lighthouse Legal Services

Personal attention is given to your incorporation or California LLC creation by an actual attorney who renders legal advice and who remains involved at all stages of the process.
(Not a website with fine print stating that it does not render legal advice or is not a real law firm.)

An initial personal consultation is scheduled with all clients after receiving their forms to discuss (i) their plans and goals for the new California LLC or corporation, (ii) which type of corporation to form (i.e., "S" or "C") for tax reasons and (iii) which jurisdiction is best to incorporate in (e.g., California or Nevada) rather than leave clients to guess on these important matters.

Fully completed rather than canned corporate bylaws and minutes with blank lines where you must manually type in the information.  

Eliminate the need to hassle with the IRS on your own in obtaining a federal tax identification number for your new California LLC or corporation, or an "S" corporation election.


Elimination of the need to complete and file post-incorporation forms with government regulators
(i.e., Statement of Information which must be filed with the California Secretary of State and Form 25102(f) which must be filed with the California Department of Corporations).

Receipt of a New California LLC or Corporation Owner's Manual
(valued at $750) to help you understand how to properly use your new corporation and what is legal required to be done following incorporating in California.
Enrollment to receive our quarterly newsletter which offers tips and dispenses valuable information to business owners. some
Annual monitoring of your corporate compliance matters to guide you in a proactive way to help your corporate shield remain intact against potential challenges by business creditors. some
Access to our Preferred Provider Network of allied business professionals and the thousands of dollars worth of benefits they provide to help your business grow and strive.  
Most importantly, an ongoing relationship with an attorney you can call who knows your business and can serve as a lifeline for your business throughout its existence.


A Few Alarming Statistics:

  • 8 out of every 10 new businesses will fail within the first 5 years leaving open-ended liability exposure for the business owners.
  • Employees were awarded $27.7 billion in judgments against their employers during the last year alone.
  • The average person in the United States today experiences 5 lawsuits during his or her lifetime. The odds are that one of these will be financially devastating.
  • The United States has 5% of the world's population but 70% of the world's lawyers.

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