Lighthouse Legal Protection Plan

Perfect for small business owners:
An affordable annual legal program.
No hourly fee. No kidding.

Have you ever wanted to ask an attorney to write a collection letter, review a convoluted contract clause, or recommend the best way to handle a disgruntled employee or customer? Chances are you didn’t make the call—because of a fear of the hourly legal billing rate. However, waiting too long to get legal advice causes unnecessary risks that could lead to costly mistakes. Don’t be that business!

Get affordable access to an attorney on an as-needed basis.

You can pick from these essential and fundamental legal services:

  • Debt Collection Services
    We’ll send collection letters! Increase your cash flow and reduce the need for outside financing.
  • Telephone & Email Consultations (our most requested feature)
    You can call or email us to discuss key business matters that arise on a routine basis. Same day response times give you priority over non-plan clients (our most requested feature).
  • Business Contract Drafting and Review
    Let us scrutinize your business contracts to make sure they include key clauses that provide the maximum protection against potential losses and delineate your relationships with customers and vendors to avoid the assumption of unnecessary risk.
  • Employment Issues
    A direct HOTLINE gives you access to advice on employment related matters. Minimize your risk for potential lawsuits, labor commissioner hearings and cultivate a less litigious workforce.
  • Corporate Veil Protection and Government Compliance
    Reduce the risk of personal liability for company debts and creditor attempts to pierce your corporate veil by having us prepare state-required documents and other government filings.
  • Legal Risk Assessment & Management
    Like getting an annual checkup with your doctor, it is important to get an annual checkup of your business. Our 75-Point On-Trak Review™ legal assessment will reveal specific vulnerabilities for the most common legal hotspots and provide you with a prioritized action plan.

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