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Serving Southern California
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Select and pay for the package of your choice.
Just click the button below to select either the Bronze, Silver or Gold package and follow the instructions on screen.
Fill out the Incorporation Questionnaire.
At the end of the transaction you will be presented with a Questionnaire that will give us most of the information we need.
One of our attorneys will review your Questionnaire and then call to consult with you.
After reviewing your questionnaire an attorney will call you to discuss the recommended type of corporation to form and which state to incorporate in and will thereafter create and file your Incorporation documents with the Secretary of State.
If you are located near our Southern California office you can come to our office to sign your incorporation documents and pick up your new corporate record book. Otherwise we will mail them to you.

NOTE: Price includes payment of all government fees
and third party payments.

Our Incorporation Packages include:







Pre-incorporation consultation to determine the most appropriate type of entity to form
(i.e, "S" or "C" corporation)
and jurisdiction to incorporate in
(i.e., California, Nevada, etc.)
Corporation name availability search

Preparation and filing of Articles of Incorporation

Standard Corporate Bylaws
and Secretary's Certification

Written Consent of Incorporation
Resolutions of the first meeting of the Shareholders and the Board of Directors
Free first class shipping of documents
Access to thousands of dollars of discounts from our Trusted Advisor's Network
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Lighthouse Legal Services's "Report from Counsel" quarterly newsletter
(includes business tips and summaries of new laws)

Customized completion of stock certificates
(not left blank like most others)
Corporation Record Kit
(embossed with new corporation name)
Official corporate seal
Stock transfer ledger sheet
Corporate minutes forms for future use
Medical expense reimbursement plan
Completion of Bill of Sale (if necessary) to reflect transfer of assets into new corporation
Post-Incorporation Procedures Manual to guide new corporation owners on what to do after they are incorporated
Preparation of Federal Tax ID application (SS-4)
Preparation of subchapter S election Form 2553
("S" corporation status)
Preparation of Statement of Information to be filed with California Secretary of State
Preparation of Form 25102(f) securities exemption permit to be filed with California Department of Corporations.
One year enrollment in our "Corporate Compliance Program" to help keep your corporate shield intact against challenges.
(click here for details)

Preparation of Buy-Sell Agreement between business owners
(click here for information on Buy-Sell Agreements)

Incorporation filngs are typically processed by the California Secretary of State's office in 25-30 business days. For those needing a quicker 24 hour turn around an additional $450 is required for expedited service.

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