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Save Thousands of dollars on
valuable business services.

Trusted Advisor Network

          (for California clients only)

As a new corporation owner, you realize the importance of hiring experts to maintain control over the various aspects of your business. Having the right team of professionals is essential in order to produce effective results. For example, your CPA can help you stay in control of finances and tax issues, your financial planner can help manage your money and plan towards retirement while your insurance risk manager can help you gain control of insurance spending through planning and innovative solutions. These experts, along with many other, your "Trusted Advisors," will help you build an overall safer business environment where you can avoid unnecessary liability exposure.

At LIGHTHOUSE LEGAL SERVICES, we strive to serve as more than just your legal counsel. Through the years, we have worked hard to cultivate a top flight network of highly skilled, value-added resources. We have arranged with our Trusted Advisors to make certain substantial discounts available to our clientele as a value-added benefit of choosing us as your law firm to incorporate with. Collectively, thousands of dollars worth of discounts on top tier professional services are exclusively available to our clients. Our Trusted Advisors among the following professional business services:


15% off your
next year's
personal tax return


Complementary initial consultation AND 25% off your first year's planning fees OR
A free retirement analysis using the RISK process


15% off your
initial order of business cards

Site Design
& Marketing

Free one hour consultation.
Improve your web site design & profit potential with a
well planned marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing

$250 off your introductory package for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Smart Phone Training

Receive 25% off of a training session


Free personal checking AND 12 months waive of minimum balance requirements for business checking accounts

Professional Business Coaching

Receive $200 off any introductory coaching package

Business Plans

30% off any business plan

Outsourced Human Resources

One hour free consultation

Payroll Services

One month of free payroll service for your company

Computer Services

Free computer
tune up

Consider the Following Scenario

Frank and David decide to form an auto repair shop. At the outset, they structure their business so that each has a 50% interest in the company. Several years later, Frank becomes seriously ill and fails to survive. Having no experience in the auto repair business, Frank's family requests a cash settlement to compensate them for their 50% of the business and to cover Frank's debts. david is unable to accomodate such a demand and a lawsuit commences. Since Frank and David never discussed what would happen to the business upon death or severee disability, the value of each of their intersts, or the method of paying the estate of the deceased shareholder, the business is forced to be sold in order to pay Frank's debts and legal fees.

Such a scenario could have been avoided through the use of a buy-sell agreement. A buy-sell agreement is a written agreement between joint business owners that addresses a wide range of issues that could result upon the death, disability, retirement, or a desire to be bought out by a co-business owner. Such issues include who will remain in control after a change of ownership, and methods for valuing the business and each owner's share thereof. Such agreements are invaluable in avoiding drawn out legal disputes over ownership of the business and for assuring the continuity of a business on the occurrence of one of the above-mentioned events. Buy-sell agreements may be entered into either between partners in a partnership or between shareholders in a corporation.

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