Cost Effective Results within Your Budget

Often, an attorney’s ability to assist clients is limited by the client’s budgetary constraints. Therefore, cost-benefit analysis is done on all our legal recommendations to ensure that the advice we render makes good economic, as well as legal, sense.

At Lighthouse Legal Services we work within a very competitive fee structure which accomplishes the client’s needs within their budget instead of the frequently abused method of getting results at the expense of bringing a large payday to the attorney for overkill work. We assure you that your success is our priority which includes paying a fair price for competent legal services.

We help clients manage the cost of legal representation in the following ways:

  • We give each of our clients an honest, and up-front assessment of how much money they should expect to spend. This assessment begins during an initial consultation with the potential client, which we provide free of charge.
  • Almost 50% of the projects we undertake are based on a flat legal fee or an approximate fee range based upon our experience with similar projects.
  • Depending on our clients’ willingness and ability, we may ask them to take a more active role in narrowing the scope of the legal representation to help contain costs. For example, a client may engage in significant negotiations directly with the other side of a transaction before the attorneys get involved to complete the process.
  • We communicate with our clients throughout the transaction to ensure that the client understands all relevant fees, and are aware of any changed circumstances which might require an adjustment to the initial estimate.