ON-TRAK REVIEW Business Risk Assessment

As a business owner, you are keenly aware of today’s fast-moving business environment with its ever-changing court rulings, legislation and administrative regulations. Couple this with the increasingly litigious society we live in and you begin to understand the problems facing businesses today. Yet, notwithstanding this business climate, many business owners neglect or delay implementing the necessary legal strategies for their companies, thereby unnecessarily exposing them to risk. To help business owners in this regard, our Firm is pleased to introduce its ON-TRAK REVIEW.

Our Firm’s up-front involvement in the business decisions of our clients allows for the early identification and minimization of potential problems. Through implementing our recommended strategies, our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly decisions and litigation!

We invite you to spend 30 minutes on the phone with us, at no cost, to evaluate and discuss the following business matters:

  • Asset protection strategies (incorporating your business or forming an LLC)
  • Methods to keep your corporate veil intact (mandatory formalities, annual minutes, etc.)
  • Entering into significant business transactions in the near future and the need for well drafted written business contracts
  • Pitfalls when bringing on additional employees
  • Improper classification of workers as independent contractors instead of employees
  • Business expansion (purchasing a business or merging your business in the next six months)
  • Selling a business (succession planning and ways to avoid your business coming back on you a second time)
  • Privacy issues affecting your business (methods to maintain anonymity for business owners, officers and directors and avoiding prying eyes)
  • Relocation of your business (common tenant traps when entering into new leases)
  • Protection of your Intellectual Property (noncircumvention/nondisclosure agreements, trademarks, copyrights and trade secret protection)
  • Legal issues faced when bringing new investors into your business (securities law compliance, proper disclosure documents)
  • Litigation (collecting your accounts receivable, mediation/arbitration and other cost-effective litigation alternatives)
  • Government compliance (industry licenses, business licenses, fictitious business name filings, worker’s compensation, etc.)

To schedule a time for an ON -TRAK REVIEW telephone call or to obtain more information on legal issues related to your business, please contact us at (949) 450-8500 or send us an email.