Does this employment law apply to my company?

Dear Readers,

As we all know, employment law violations are a major area of litigation for employers. The below chart is designed to help you quickly identify which employment laws you must comply with. Use this chart to determine if an employment law applies to your company, based on the number of employees you have. I hope you find it informative.


Mark D. Klein, Esq.

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Does this Employment Law Apply to My Company?

Number of Employees
Law Requirement> 2> 4> 5> 15> 20> 25> 50> 75> 100
Affirmative Action
Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Child Labor
COBRA (health insurance continuation)
Disability Insurance
Discrimination & Foreign Workers
Discrimination Laws (State)
Discrimination Laws (Federal)
Domestic Violence
Employee Safety
Equal Employment Opportunity Reporting
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA & CFRA)
Immigration Reform & Control Act (IRCA)
Independent Contractors
Lactation Accomodation
New Employee Reporting
Paid Family Leave
Posters and Notices
Pregnancy Disability Laws
School Activities
Sexual Harassment
Smoking in the Workplace
Time Off
Unemployment Insurance
Volunteer Firefighters
Wages and Hours
WARN Act (plant closings)
Worker’s Compensation

(This chart reprinted with permission of ADP.)

If you have identified areas of concern from this list, and would like to discuss them further, please call my office to schedule a consultation.